Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Eve Brunch

Koko Rice
French Toast
Loco Moco
Fresh Fruit Juices
Koko Samoa

Island Buffet Brunch $10 per person

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

NEW "Happy To Give" blog!

Aloha everyone! We used to call our Annual holiday service project "Feed the Homeless" but we didn't feel that was a complete and good name for what we did.  Mostly because we did not only feed the homeless but we fed families and friends and anyone else who needed a good hot meal on Christmas or Thanksgiving day.  We were open to serving everyone!  So we have changed our name to "Happy To Give" because in essence we were always happy to give to those who were in need.  Not only were we happy to give but others who wanted to get involved were also happy to give...hence the new name "Happy To Give"!

We have created a new page on facebook thru our page "Sweets Provo" and a new blog at