Saturday, April 29, 2017

Hello 2017!!!

Aloha family & friends!!!

Just a quick update to let y'all know what's happening now at Sweet's. Our mom, known by many as Aunty Sweets retired last year and all our brothers -- Will, David & Tui -- have taken over and are doing so well! Business is booming and the food is amazing! Follow our daily posts on Instagram @sweetshawaiiangrill and Facebook!

When you enter Sweet's you'll notice a wall and a small shop on the right....that's our flower lei boutique called The Happy Orchid, managed by me, Omai. You can order leis on my website at! Also check out my Instagram at @thehappyorchid

Thank you for sticking with us all these years! My brothers and I look forward to keeping our family business going! Stop by and enjoy the good food, yummy Otai, and smell the fresh flower leis!